surrender your children’s future?

Alex Beam's article in the Boston Globe (which you can read here) generated a couple of responses from folks associated with MCAN, one from Franklin. Ted McIntyre write here:
The answer is simple: There is no stable warmer world in our future with a few extra balmy spring days for us to adapt to. Instead, “spewing more carbon’’ leads us into a sequence of worse and worse impacts, from simple collapses of food and water systems to a redrawing of the continents. Despite giving McKibben the last word, the overall message of the piece urges resignation and a surrender of our children’s future.
Read Ted's full letter to the editor here

Nancy Nolan chimes in with:
Beam chose to mock and trivialize McKibben’s work. We should be praising McKibben for standing up to the well-funded forces trying to confuse the general public over climate change. He could have made a nice living writing books from his home in Vermont, but he’s put his life on hold to spread awareness of the climate crisis. 
Read Nancy's full response here.
As October 24th approaches, the amount of conversation around climate change should increase. Let's hope it stays within the realm of a civil discourse. Learn what you can about 350! After all this is your future too!