One Life, One Cup

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via No Impact Man by Sean Sakamoto on 10/22/09


What struck me was how much this cup must mean to him by now. It also seemed very kind to the environment to use just one cup in all that time. I know that if you took all the cups I've used over the past thirty years, they would probably need their own landfill. How many paper cups, Styrofoam coffees, coke bottles, water much glass and plastic have I used and thrown away in the course of my days over the years? Too many to be sure.
Apart from the simplicity of using one cup is the fact that it's made of clay. It was dug from the earth, molded by hand, glazed and fired in a kiln. It made me think that consumption itself isn't necessarily bad. There are ways to own things that can be fun, and even meaningful, and also friendly to the environment. What if everything I owned was acquired to celebrate an occasion, and lasted a lifetime?

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