Pinch hitter delivers the pitch on climate change

Steve Sherlock stood in for Ted McIntyre to deliver a talk on climate change and a call to action at the Brennan Middle School yesterday in Attleboro.

The Attleboro Sun Chronicle provided coverage of the event in Sunday's edition

ATTLEBORO - When Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence, the atmosphere's carbon dioxide levels were at 278 parts per million (ppm), the level they had been at for about 10,000 years, according to Steve Sherlock from the Franklin area climate team.

Today, the level has reached 387 ppm and is growing 2 ppm a year, Sherlock said. If nothing changes, by the end of the century, Sherlock said, the gas levels could be up to 550 ppm.
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The Attleboro Area Climate Day website is here. You can view a photo of the group lined up to show 350!

The photos Steve Sherlock took of the event are in the following slideshow: