4/5/09 Forum at Stony Brook

APRIL 5, 2009, 7:00 - 8:30 P.M., Stony Brook Nature Sanctuary, 108 North Street, Norfolk, MA 02056:

The community forum to be held at Stony Brook Wildlife Sanctuary on April 5th 2009 is part of Amy Hart's Masters degree program at Murdoch University in Perth, Western Australia. As part of this forum, you will be expected to participate in active discussion and partake in activities to be presented in the 1.5 hour session.

Amy will be providing light refreshments as a thank you for participating and would like feedback from you in regards to the content and delivery of the session.The discussion will focus on the "Future of Overseas Aid and International Development as a response to communities displaced by climate change". We will look at case studies from south east asia and will also discuss the role that western society plays in the politics and on ground action which form the basis of International Aid. Amy will ask participants to think critically and analytically about the role that the USA plays in this issue.

Please RSVP to Amy at least 1 week before and let her know if you will or will not be able to make it to this event. 30360321@student.murdoch.edu.au