Become a fan and loose weight (CO2 weight)

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NativeEnergy’s carbon diet: Drop 30 pounds every day just by becoming a NativeEnergy fan on Facebook and posting!

Join the 30-pound challenge! For every fan whom we add to our Facebook page between now and September 30, 2009, NativeEnergy will reduce 30 pounds of carbon pollution– that is the same amount of carbon pollution made by the average American driving to and from work in one day.

Tell all your friends! Share this page on your Facebook wall – or anywhere else - so everyone else can neutralize their commute for a day in September as well!

The carbon reductions for the NativeEnergy “weight-loss” program will be generated by the Greensburg Wind Farm in Greensburg, KS, the little town that is rebuilding as the greenest town in America.

As a NativeEnergy Facebook fan, you will get our weekly blog updates and be part of a community of people who are supporting practical ways to fight global warming, just like you!
BONUS-Every week day between now and September 15th a question will be posted to the NativeEnergy page, when you answer that question we will offset an additional 30 pounds for each day that you post.

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